F5 Unveils BIG-IP Cloud Edition for Quick Deployment of Application Services in Multi-Cloud Environments

Cloud and security solutions company, F5 Networks (NASDAQ: FFIV), has unveiled BIG-IP Cloud Edition, available May 31, 2018, enabling customers to “quickly” deploy critical application services for every app and any environment (multi-cloud). 

BIG-IP Cloud Edition would combine F5Networks’ broad portfolio of application services with significantly enhanced management, visibility, and analytics capabilities of BIG-IQ. F5’s software-based solution would let customers “easily” add ‘right-sized’ services tailored for individual applications, multiple cloud environments, and user demands.

F5’s BIG-IP Cloud Edition will be generally available on May 31, 2018.

Per-App Model

As a prominent use case, the solution enables customers to deploy Advanced Web Application Firewall policies to address sophisticated application threats in a consistent way across public and private cloud environments.

BIG-IP Cloud Edition is offered as a per-app virtual Application Delivery Controller (ADC) that can apply and automate policy-based services at each step in the development and production pipeline. This approach would empower app owners to better collaborate with NetOps, DevOps, and SecOps within an agile framework to significantly improve the “performance, availability, and security” of all applications.

“We see application services evolving to a per-app model that enables NetOps, SecOps, and application development teams to deploy consistent and right-sized application services for every app, regardless of where those apps run,” said Kara Sprague, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the ADC business unit at F5 Networks. “There persists a misconception that you have to choose between rich services and agile, portable service deployment. Our goal with BIG-IP Cloud Edition is to remove this false dichotomy, and better enable NetOps and SecOps teams to deploy a full range of traffic management and security services in a lightweight software footprint, easily add new applications to their services mix, and more swiftly embrace DevOps practices.”

Highlights of the new F5 Networks BIG-IP Cloud Edition would include:

  • Enterprise-grade services and protection with an all-software ADC solution
  • Dedicated and right-sized application services for every application in any environment
  • Self-service catalog of app services for automated provisioning, configurations, and upgrades
  • Per-app visibility, analytics, and auto-scale capabilities

“With technologies like BIG-IP Cloud Edition and programs such as its Super-NetOps initiative, we see F5 Networks focusing on collaboration as a means to achieve service velocity and drive business outcomes,” said Zeus Kerravala, Founder and Principal Analyst of ZK Research. “While perhaps more traditionally associated with certain ‘high value’ applications, there are many benefits to the company broadening its appeal to provide services and support for the next wave – apps that would otherwise only receive basic application delivery services. Moreover, in a breach-conscious environment, the business case for extending security and related services to a wider range of enterprise applications becomes clearer, adding another dimension to the company’s value proposition.”