Fanatical Support for AWS: A Year in Review

Rackspace supports AWS, and we do it well. On this episode of Rackspace Office Hours, our Fanatical Support for AWS General Manager Jeff Cotten joins us to discuss all of the big changes we saw with AWS in 2016, and what’s to come in 2017.

Episode 174 : Fanatical Support for AWS: Year in Review

Recorded Live: 12-8-2016

Alan Bush: @alanbush – Community Manager, Rackspace
Drew Cox: @drewcoxsa – Enterprise Technical Advisor, Rackspace
Jeff Cotton: SVP, Fanatical Support for AWS

Introductions (00:00-02:32)
Re:Invent and FAWS (02:35-04:54)
Complexity of partnerships (04:55-07:20)
AWS value add (07:22-11:42)
Cloud DevOps model (11:43-16:27)
Cost optimization (16:28-19:23)
Designing for resiliency (19:24-22:43)
Legacy environments moving to the cloud (22:44-24:53)
Incident management (24:54-26:02)
Partnering with experts (26:03-29:14)
FAWS Service levels (29:17-31:19)
Relationship between Rackspace and AWS (31:21-34:04)
Credentials and certifications (34:05-38:11)
Multi cloud knowledge (38:12-40:30)
AWS 2017 (40:32-46:04)
Innovation for legacy businesses (46:05-48:42)
Wrap up (48:43-50:19)

Fanatical Support for AWS

Duration: 50:20
Publisher: Rackspace
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