Fast Track Application Refactoring to Microservices on AWS | Amazon Web Services

In this webinar, we will demonstrate how Refactor Spaces simplifies refactoring and operating an application across multiple accounts. This lets you re-route traffic from your existing application to your new microservice endpoints while shielding your application consumers from the underlying changes. Our AWS Partner, vFunction, will also show how you can automatically and quickly extract microservices from complex monolithic apps. They will demonstrate how to break down the apps into a set of microservices, while using Refactor Spaces to stage, test, and manage the successful migration of the hybrid application on to AWS infrastructure.

Learning Objectives:
• Automate setting up an infrastructure for refactoring using AWS Migration Hub Refactor Spaces
• Automate the extraction of efficient microservices from a complex monolithic application
• Reduce the risk of evolving applications into microservices or extending existing applications with new features written in microservices

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