Fastbase Chooses HPE Apollo Servers for Its Analytics Services

With an advanced algorithm and a database of registered websites, Fastbase analyses billions of website visitors each month. Founded in 2015, the company services Google advertisers and Google Analytics users worldwide, having analyzed 3.5 billion Google Adwords clicks. Fastbase chose HPE Apollo servers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise to power its big data analytics operations.

Big data analytics operations require high performance servers that can handle a large amount of data. The HPE Apollo Server line-up offers an architecture optimized for big data analytics.

“The Apollo line is designed for large computing and data centers,” said Martin Jacobsen, Sales Manager, HPE Denmark. “These servers can be used by larger universities, for example that need a lot of computing power to handle large amounts of data.”

Fastbase has chosen to standardize on HPE’s Apollo servers, which are designed to have a high volume of both computer memory and storage, “ideal” for use-cases like Fastbase. The server has to be able to handle the high traffic – approximately 7 billion website visitors – that Fastbase analyzes each month. For Fastbase, the HPE Apollo server contains a database and runs specially designed algorithms.

“No matter what online service is offered, it is crucial to choose a solution that does not create bottlenecks for you,” added Mr. Martin Jacobsen. “In Fastbase’s case, it is a server that has room for a lot of IO cards that can handle large amounts of traffic. And, at the same time, a server that has a high computing power (CPU) and memory footprint. Since HPE’s Apollo servers are designed for ‘data heavy’ tasks, companies like Fastbase can have a system that’s scalable to several petabytes while delivering a very high storage performance. Because of this, companies can avoid having to invest in expensive external storage systems that add more complexity and longer response times for users on the other end.”