Amazon Web Services (AWS) has come into an agreement with Ferrari to serve as its official cloud, artificial intelligence, and machine learning provider. With this step, both the companies will focus on accelerating the pace of innovation over the whole Ferrari organization including Scuderia Ferrari FORMULA 1 (F1) team, road card departments, Ferrari challenge, and the GT competitions.

Ferrari will be using AWS’s breadth and depth of services along with global infrastructure together with AWS Europe (Milan) region, in order to streamline the designing and testing of the cars. In this way, Ferrari will provide customers with the most thrilling driving experiences until now. Along with that, Sceduria Ferrari will benefit from AWS to launch a digital fan engagement platform through its smartphone app to engage millions of fans globally with personalized and exclusive content.

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Photo Mattia Binotto, Principal of Scuderia Ferrari
“As our Official Cloud Provider, I firmly believe AWS will enable our company to become a data-driven organization that uses the power of technology to improve our products, increase engagement with Ferrari enthusiasts worldwide, and deliver continuously more exciting driving experiences,” said Mattia Binotto, Principal of Scuderia Ferrari.

AWS And Ferrari’s Agreement

Being one of the world’s best high-performing car manufacturers, Ferrari will depend on AWS’ advanced analytics, compute, database capabilities, storage, and machine learning, to achieve insights into car design and performance on the road and track, at a fast pace. Ferrari will also have the authority to take advantage of Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) with a series of specialized instance types for efficient high-performance computing (HPC). It will be used to run complex simulations that will play a major role in testing car performance under a wide variety of driving conditions and racing scenarios.

The AWS Graviton2-based instances, which consistently provide up to 40% better price performance over comparable current-generation x86-based instances, will also be used by Ferrari. Ferrari can easily run more than thousands of simulations concurrently to get insights at a quicker pace than ever with the virtually unlimited scale of AWS HPC resources. Conclusively, Ferrari’s engineers can take an agile approach to conduct experiments with new designs and strategies in order to accelerate their piece of innovation.

Moreover, for the F1 racing fans, Sceduria Ferrari will be utilizing AWS compute, media services, and containers to give a boost to a new digital platform through its smartphone app that will be dedicated to educating, informing as well as entertaining the fans.

Fans will receive exclusive content like virtual access to Sceduria Ferrari garage and hospitality suite on race days after creating customized profiles on the app. Ferrari is also planning to create a virtual and augmented reality experience on AWS that will connect the fans to the garage so that they can interact with the drivers and team personnel. Ferrari is also looking to create a virtual fan community by adding millions of application users and engage them regularly with quizzes on race days.

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AWS and Ferrari

Principal of Sceduri Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, said that both AWS and Ferrari are the representatives of excellence in their respective fields and as an official cloud provider, AWS will contribute to making Ferrari a data-driven organization that relies on technological power to enhance the quality of products and boost engagement with Ferrari enthusiasts on a global level.

Mr. Binotto ended by saying that Ferrari went for AWS because of its unmatched portfolio of capabilities, and prior experience in supporting partners in the sports and automotive industries.

“AWS offers iconic global brands like Ferrari the breadth of services, insights, and agility they need to remain leaders in their fields through innovation and deepen their connections to loyal customers and fans,” said Matt Garman, Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Amazon Web Services. “Ferrari can rely on AWS to help them take driving and racing to the next level, while generating fresh excitement among their global community through more personalization and new digital experiences. What’s more, as their Official Cloud Provider, we look forward to helping Scuderia Ferrari maintain their record as the world’s greatest racing team.”