FiberCloud Launches Apache CloudStack Powered Cloud Servers

FiberCloud, a Seattle-based cloud hosting infrastructure provider, has launched its new cloud servers built on the open source Apache CloudStack platform. Customers are enabled to manage their cloud servers through the new and “easy-to-use” FiberCloud Cloud Manager.

The new cloud servers are specifically designed to meet the demanding needs of FiberCloud’s SMB and enterprise customers. FiberCloud’s new cloud management environment, the FiberCloud Cloud Manager, would provide customers with rapid access to their cloud servers through an easy-to-use self-management portal.

cloud-serversUsing the cloud management portal, migrating core business applications such as accounting, CRM and ERP to the cloud would become fast and hassle-free. Features of the flexible FiberCloud Cloud Manager portal include secured web-based access to cloud servers, resource and utilization dashboards, integrated firewall, VPN and load balancer, remote server management such as start/stop/reboot, and much more.

Remote cloud server management

Several FiberCloud partners have already deployed the next generation cloud servers to customers running a variety of line-of-business applications like QuickBooks, Microsoft Dynamics GP and other core SMB applications.

“We are impressed by the performance of the new CloudStack-powered cloud servers,” said Ed Rich, President at FiberCloud’s client LodoCloud. “Our customers’ applications are running more effectively in the new cloud hosting environment, and it’s great to be able to manage the cloud servers remotely.”

FiberCloud Cloud Servers and the FiberCloud Cloud Manager portal are part of FiberCloud’s portfolio of IaaS solutions hosted in the company’s privately owned and operated datacenters in the Seattle Metropolitan Area.