File Storage Provider WekaIO Announces 400% Year-over-Year Customer Growth

WekaIO dedicated serverWekaIO, a global provider of high-performance, scalable file storage for data intensive applications, has announced 400% year-over-year customer growth in the US and EMEA – driven by the continued widespread adoption of the company’s NVME-native parallel file system for deep learning, analytics, and high performance computing (HPC) workloads.

Today, many companies are struggling to keep their computer infrastructure fully utilized, stated WekaIO, a pain felt most acutely by the large GPU farms being deployed for Machine Learning (ML) where large amounts of data must be shared across application servers. At scale, the compute environments would become IO-bound, starving applications and wasting expensive GPU or CPU resources and resulting in long application run times.

Due to the high costs and inefficiencies associated with managing these workloads on legacy storage systems, organizations would choose to adopt high-performance file storage solutions such as WekaIO’s Matrix massively parallel shared file system.

“The rapid adoption of our solutions underscores the value of WekaIO’s technology and our strong relationship with our partners,” said Liran Zvibel, co-founder and CEO of WekaIO. “We have strong quarter-over-quarter customer and revenue growth, exceeding our expectations, and we have a healthy pipeline for sustained growth. It’s full speed ahead, as we expand in to new markets, open additional offices around the globe, and launch our channel program.”

Automotive AI, Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment

Over the last year, WekaIO saw saw strong revenue growth in the US and EMEA in verticals such as automotive AI, life sciences, media and entertainment, and HPC research. To support increased demand, WekaIO has grown its channel partners by over 200% globally in 2018.

WekaIO has moreover doubled its employee headcount globally, finishing the year with the announcement of a Midwest office expansion. Additionally, significant new hires were brought on in sales, marketing, and engineering to help meet the expanding geographical demand for its high-performance shared file system solutions.

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