Finnish-Israeli Start-Up To Build High Security Data Center in Underground Cave in Tampere, Finland

Aiber Networks, a new Finnish-Israeli start-up company, has signed an agreement with the city of Tampere in Finland on building a new high security data center to a former military grade underground cave in the Tampere city’s Härmälä district. The cave was previously in use by the former Finnish government-owned aviation company Valmet since 1930. The site has been designed based on military standards.

The new data center features an energy-efficient design. The aim is to open the new data center somewhere between August and October this year. Aiber Networks’ client focus will be on international cloud business customers from Finnish, Israeli and Russian time zones. The company has received 2 million euros for initial investments while it has planned to raise its investments to several million euros. Maximum investment to the cave in Härmälä will be around 50 to 100 million euros.

The new data center in an underground Cave in Tampere, Finland, features an energy-efficient design.

“Our main offering is to serve a full stack of IT services to any company that develops web and mobile applications and cloud platforms,” said Aiber Networks CEO, Pekka Järveläinen. “We help them by providing servers, storage, data center, specialists, integration management and help desk as a service. From Internet business viewpoint there are no borders for business and the aim is directly to make international sales. We will differentiate in the market with focus on high security and high availability It services.”

Tampere city has granted Aiber Networks the right to rent the cave and surrounding areas. The city made the decision after competition between two companies. The new data center features an energy-efficient design with the latest cooling technology based on liquid cooling and free cooling. Also, heat re-usage will be utilized in joint cooperation with the Tampere city electricity company.

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