Fire Destroys OVHcloud SBG2 Data Center in Strasbourg, France

Photo Datacenter OVHcloud
The SBG2 data center is fully destroyed, while SBG1 is partially damaged, but OVHcloud CEO Octave Klaba has stated that the network room in SBG1 is okay. Four data halls in SBG1 were destroyed, while eight other halls should be okay.

OVHcloud (formerly OVH), one of the world’s largest (cloud) hosting providers, has been impacted by a disaster. A fire at their SBG1, SBG2, SBG3, and SBG4 data centers in Strasbourg, France, has destroyed at least one of the company’s data centers, SBG2, and damaged another, SBG1. The other three data centers were shut down for now.

In the early morning today, around 00:45 a.m., there was this major fire incident at OVHcloud’s SBG2 data center in Strasbourg, a facility five stories high with a ground floor area of about 500 square meters.

The fire started in the SBG2 building. The fire department in Strasbourg was quickly on the scene but unfortunately could not get the fire under control. It’s not (yet) known what started the fire in the OVHcloud SBG2 data center.

OVHcloud SBG1

The SBG1 data center is partially destroyed, so we understood. OVHcloud CEO Octave Klaba has stated that the network room in SBG1 is okay. Four data halls were destroyed, while eight other halls should be okay. The fire department in Strasbourg had been cooling the other buildings with water to protect them which turned out to be successful. From 5:30 a.m., the site has been unvailable to the OVHcloud team for security reasons. At 7:20 this morning, the fire was under control. The SBG3 and SBG4 data centers are in working order, so they say. These data centers are not accessible yet though, so SBG3 and SBG4 will not be restarted today.

OVHcloud has advised its customers with IT infrastructure located in these facilities to activate their disaster recovery plans.

OVHcloud has planned to restart SBG1, SBG4 and their network at these locations by Monday, March 15. They expect SBG3 to be restarted by Friday, March 19. At their other locations in France, OVHcloud has the stock of new servers ready to be delivered for all the impacted customers. According to Mr. Klaba, this will be done for free “of course.” OVHcloud says it will provide 10,000 new servers in the next 3 to 4 weeks.

380,000 Dedicated Servers Installed

Due to the fire in OVHcloud’s data centers in Strasbourg, many websites were or are still unavailable on Wednesday. French, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish, as well as Turkish websites are affected.

The company set up their first data center in Strasbourg in 2012. Headquartered in Roubaix, France, with offices and data centers worldwide, OVHcloud has more than 380,000 dedicated servers installed in its facilities. It employs more than 2,200 people and boasts more than 1.5 million customers globally.

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