Fireblade Launches Cloud-Based Load Balancer and Failover

Fireblade, an Israeli provider of security, speed and monitoring services through cloud hosting based SaaS, has launched its cloud based smart load balancer and failover with multiple load balancing techniques, so website traffic will be distributed equally across servers.

Besides minimizing response time, Fireblade’s cloud based load balancer features several other important methods. It checks health and performance of servers in real-time, and it would help detect outages fast and eliminate downtime. The failover feature comes into action when one server is down. Then all requests are sent to up and running servers, while in the meantime it automatically sends requests to check if the server having interruption is up again.


cloud-securityAnother important feature of the solution is the stickiness, which enables requests coming from a certain user’s IP/browser to be always routed to a certain server. In case this specific server has an outage, the system redirects the requests to servers that are not having any failure. The minute the server comes back to life, the requests will be directed back to that specifically identified server. The automatic server recovery feature makes it easier to direct or redirect website traffic equally, which is essential when there are millions of page requests in a minute.

“Our strategy is to provide our clients and partners the most advanced services to cover all aspect of website security, performance and availability in a single SaaS solution,” said Shay Rapaport, CEO of Fireblade. “This load balancer was designed to give our clients the peace of mind in case they experience a server outage or to avoid downtime caused by server overload.”

Fireblade protects billions of page-hits each month for a fast growing client-base, which includes some of the largest and busiest websites. The company was founded in 2009, in response to the growing website security threats and malicious bot traffic.