Fireblade Unveils Security, Speed and Monitoring Plugin for Hosting Providers on cPanel

Fireblade, an Israelian provider of security, speed and monitoring services through cloud hosting based SaaS, has developed and launched a new plugin for the cPanel platform that enables hosting providers to deploy Fireblade’s services easily.

cloud-securityThe new plugin would enable easy integration of Fireblade’s security technology within cPanel for hosting providers. Fireblade’s solution covers all aspects of website security and high availability: anti DDoS, web application security, speed, health and uptime monitoring and also load-balancing. These features are bundled into a unified visual dashboard. The solution can be deployed within a cloud hosting environment or locally (on-premise) and can be co-branded.

The system offers advanced website security that features a multi-layer protection, comprising of rule and signature based, reputational, and behavioral firewalls.

Fireblade will soon be launching a new mobile application for hosting providers, which will be co-branded as well and provide free of charge monitoring and security services to hosted websites.

Billions of page-hits

“Fireblade’s integration with cPanel & WHM is another great example of how SAAS based applications can integrate with our product and provide hosting providers the ability to extend the functionality of our solution,” said Nick Koston, CEO of cPanel. “We are very pleased to see development efforts that make use of our API & developer friendly resources to bring another integration to the hosting industry.”

Fireblade was co-founded in 2009 by Shay Rapaport and Erez Azaria in response to the growing website security threats and malicious bot traffic. Fireblade protects billions of page-hits each month for a fast growing client-base, which includes some of the largest and busiest websites.