FireHost to Team with Dell to Deliver Compliant Private Cloud Hosting Services

FireHost, with managed cloud hosting available in Dallas, Phoenix, London, Amsterdam and Singapore, will be teaming with Dell Services to deliver compliant, fully managed private cloud hosting services – to meet customers’ needs for compliant private cloud environments.

dell-servicesThe collaboration between the two companies comes at a time when data breaches show no signs of relenting. By incorporating FireHost into the Dell Cloud Services ecosystem, Firehost will be able to extend and complement their secured, managed private cloud capabilities to better serve healthcare, government, and payments-oriented retail and financial industries.

“As increasing numbers of cloud hosting providers and vendors jockey to differentiate themselves, it is clear that we must provide cloud solutions that are truly secure across a variety of compliance-driven industries,” said Jim Lewandowski, CEO, FireHost. “Together with Dell, we will provide a secure managed private cloud service that effectively addresses a critical industry gap for customers. FireHost’s proven secure cloud reduces risk for businesses by providing security without any compromise from our team in focus, commitment, or diligence. Customers get top-notch security and lower compliance costs.”

cloud-hosting-firehostFireHost is specifically joining the Dell Cloud Onsite Service, which provides customizable SLAs to meet unique business needs, broad infrastructure choices to suit Windows and Linux workloads, and IT data center services to offload routine IT administration tasks.

Dell Cloud Onsite powered by FireHost is built on Dell infrastructure including the Dell PowerEdge FX2 converged architecture.

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