Firewalls Explained in 60 Seconds – For secure web hosting

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“A firewall, is a security device; it filters traffic, has a customizable set of rules, and protects your data.

Potentially malicious behavior, coming in like a wrecking ball, is stopped by your firewall.

At Liquid Web, we deploy two types of firewalls, both of which have that same essential function: preventing evil-doers access.

With dedicated servers, we use a physical Cisco firewall. That means you can consolidate security for your entire hosting environment into a managed security device

For Storm Cloud Servers, we use a cloud-enabled firewall. Each of these firewalls are individually manageable.

In either case, firewalls are necessary for securing your hosting environment against unauthorized third-party access.

Shut the Door on Evil-Doers
Prevent Unauthorized Access
and Stop (Those) Wrecking Balls of Malicious Traffic

For more information visit our firewall page at My name is J., thanks for watching, and that’s firewalls in 60 seconds.”

Duration: 1:1
Publisher: Liquid Web
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