Flesk Telecom to Provide SpamExperts’ Email Filtering to its Web Hosting Clients in Portugal

web-hosting-portugalSpamExperts, the supplier of professional email security solutions from Amsterdam, will be providing outbound email security to Flesk Telecom’s shared web hosting clients in Portugal, as announced today.

Established in 2001, Flesk Telecom is one of the main providers in Portugal for domain name registration and shared web hosting. SpamExperts’ outgoing filtering services are provided to safeguard Flesk’s web hosting customers from spam attacks and most importantly to protect their network and IP reputation against blacklisting.

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SpamExperts is looking at the new partnership as a way to try to get more web hosting providers in Portugal to adopt outgoing email filtering, anticipating that this could lessen security and reputation concerns by companies whose email accounts might have been compromised by hackers.

SpamExperts recently released a new Email Archiving business concept aimed at web hosting providers, allowing them to quickly recover their email security investment and make money from reselling and up-selling Email Archiving to end-clients. The renewed business model from SpamExperts would allow web hosting providers to adopt email archiving at a highly cost-effective way in their product-offerings.