Flexential Goes to the Edge, Launches Its HybridEdge Offering

"With HybridEdge, we offer enhanced Tier 2 capabilities that leverage our global reach, network backbone, and high-capacity, low-latency bandwidth", said Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential.

Flexential, the data center services company formerly known as Peak 10 + ViaWest with 41 data center facilities across the U.S. and international markets, has unveiled its HybridEdge solution. The new offering would deliver a holistic edge computing strategy with wide reach and connectivity to service providers, mobile operators, content providers, enterprise businesses and their end users.

The Internet of Things and rich media content delivery to mobile devices is expected to swell to unprecedented levels, and 20 billion active internet-connected devices will cause bandwidth demand to soar globally by 2020. By serving content closer to user communities in markets typically underserved by data center and telecom service providers, Flexential is convinced it can relieve network constraints for businesses and consumers seeking faster access to high-quality content.

This announcement follows Peak 10 + ViaWest’s rebrand to Flexential. “Increasingly, organizations are finding their Tier 1 network infrastructure is not keeping up with their end users’ needs, and centralized service delivery models are becoming obsolete as Tier 2 market demands increase,” said Chris Downie, CEO of Flexential. “With HybridEdge, we offer enhanced Tier 2 capabilities that leverage our global reach, network backbone, and high-capacity, low-latency bandwidth. We are confident these capabilities will help organizations meet the growing network demands of their business, increase their reach, reduce latency and lower costs.”

Key features of Flexential’s HybridEdge offering

  • High bandwidth – HybridEdge serves high-bandwidth needs with a 100Gbps network backbone designed to deliver high-quality Internet and rich-media content quickly. The network supports caching popular content and web-application data close to end users in underserved Tier 2 markets.
  • Global Reach – Flexential’s global connectivity is anchored by a portfolio of 41 secured, redundant and connectivity-rich data centers covering a footprint of 3 million square feet. Its network backbone spans over 12,000 route miles across North America, delivering onramps to hyperscale cloud providers and peering exchanges.
  • Simplicity – Flexential would simplify edge networking with a single portal for selecting and quickly provisioning services.
  • Savings – Flexential helps businesses lower total cost of ownership (TCIO) by reducing their long-haul transport cost and bringing services closer to their end users.
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