Flexential Introduces Flexential Cloud Fabric for On-Demand Connectivity

Data center colocation, cloud, and connectivity solutions provider, Flexential, has launched Flexential Cloud Fabric. This on-demand connectivity platform enables Flexential’s clients to swiftly create and deploy private cloud access to top public cloud service providers.

Photo Ryan Mallory, COO of Colocation Services, Flexential
“Flexential’s Cloud Fabric solution reduces the complexity of adding, changing or removing connections to the cloud,” said Ryan Mallory, COO of Colocation Services, Flexential.

Cloud Fabric, the newest cloud connectivity option in Flexential’s FlexAnywhere service offering, lowers dependency on the public Internet for cloud connectivity by providing a solution via a self-programmable interface where clients can control their connections to public clouds in real-time.

“Managing multiple public cloud environments is a challenge. To remain competitive, organizations must ensure their data and workloads are secure, end user expectations are met, and costs remain in-check,” said Ryan Mallory, COO of Colocation Services, Flexential. “Flexential’s Cloud Fabric solution addresses these requirements by reducing the complexity of adding, changing or removing connections to the cloud through the use of a singular, self-service portal that provides connection to any public cloud provider within hours.”

Reference Client, Gogo

One of Flexential’s clients, Gogo, is already using Flexential Cloud Fabric. Gogo is one of the world’s biggest suppliers of broadband connection services for business aviation. The company is now able to increase bandwidth and access new markets by connecting their data center deployments with top public cloud providers using Cloud Fabric.

“Flexential has been our data center and interconnection partner for years, so when our growing networking requirements necessitated the addition of a public cloud solution the decision to do so via Cloud Fabric was easy,” said Mike Schnepf, Vice President of Network and Systems Engineering, Gogo. “Flexential’s Cloud Fabric saves us valuable time by streamlining the process of implementing cloud connectivity. What typically took us months to connect via standard telco services we now accomplish in days with Flexential’s Cloud Fabric solution.”