Flexera Software Launches Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016

Flexera Software, a provider of software licensing, compliance and installation solutions for application producers and enterprises, has announced Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 – the latest version of its Software Vulnerability Management product. The new release would enhance businesses’ ability to manage and control software vulnerability threats comprehensively across their entire application estates.

New capabilities in Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 include information on alleged vulnerabilities that did not pass the validation criteria by Secunia Research and are therefore not categorized as having a security impact. This would benefit customers who need to document decisions to not act on possible vulnerabilities for compliance or auditing purposes.

Another new feature enables importing software inventories from Microsoft System Center 2012 to correlate vulnerability intelligence with asset lists, thereby reducing time required to mitigate threat and exposure to incidents and breaches.

“We’re very happy to successfully launch this new version of Vulnerability Intelligence Manager – formerly a Secunia product – under the Flexera Software brand,” said Maureen Polte, Vice President of Product Management for Software Vulnerability Management at Flexera Software. “The quality of the vulnerability intelligence delivered by Secunia Research is the backbone of the product, and this release demonstrates Flexera Software’s commitment to invest, innovate and deliver the market-leading vulnerability intelligence solutions enterprises have come to expect and demand.”

Software Vulnerability Management

flexera-softwareCovering more than 50,000 software systems and applications, Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 provides a comprehensive intelligence about software vulnerabilities available to organizations. Through verified vulnerability intelligence covering all applications and systems across all platforms, it would effectively reduce the attack surface for cybercriminals, drive prioritization by handling intelligence, workflows, tickets and alerts, and document the steps to mitigate the risk of costly breaches.

“In the past years, cybercrime against corporations, organizations and government institutions has become a recognized security threat, and the importance of managing software vulnerabilities is an aspect of security that is receiving acute attention in organizations around the world,” said Santeri Kangas, Vice President and Chief Architect of Enterprise Products at Flexera Software. “Software vulnerabilities are by far the most common entry point for cyber attackers to gain access to the IT infrastructure of any organization. Consequently, it is necessary to receive vulnerability intelligence for all the products that make up the organization’s software infrastructure, in order for security professionals to assess, prioritize and mitigate the risk to the business. Vulnerability Intelligence Manager 2016 is the only product that can deliver verified vulnerability intelligence for all systems and applications in the environment, thereby effectively reducing the attack surface for cybercriminals.”