Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5 Released With Simplified User Experience

Flexiant, an international provider of cloud orchestration software to the global service provider market, has released the latest version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, version 5. With the release of V5, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has been given a new user interface (UI) that could make a difference for service providers trying to enhance the relationship with their customers.

Using the latest design concepts, Flexiant has launched a new UI to reduce complex common work processes into a few simple, wizard driven clicks. The result would be a differentiated and easier experience for service provider’s customers helping to increase profit, revenue and growth from cloud hosting services.

cloud-management“With the release of V5, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has finally been given the user interface and user experience to match the leading cloud management product,” said George Knox, CEO of Flexiant. “The new wizard offers a guided experience for service providers to orchestrate their cloud solutions for customers. The latest version furthers our mission to help service providers profit from the cloud.”

V5 would offer greater value to the features already available as they become better exposed and more easily consumable for customers. “Flexiant has for many years been recognized for functional innovation and highly advanced technology,” said Marco Meinardi, VP of Product, Flexiant. “At times, however, this created an overly complex user experience. We decided to start with a blank sheet of paper and redesign complex, common tasks still using the same great cloud management technology, but in a much more user friendly experience.”

Configuration and Report Plugins

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V5 also includes new functionality including configuration plugins, report plugins and performance based storage.

As an addition to the existing trigger plugins functionality, configuration plugins allows service providers, customers and partners to now use third party plugins (or to write their own) to configure and bill for cloud hosting services delivered by the Flexiant eco-system of partners, completely integrated with the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator UI.

cloud-hostingThe new user experience available in version 5 also offers a brand new reporting functionality that now adds visual representation of the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator datasets for better capacity planning and cost control. Service providers can view reports based on resources, provisioned services, metering and billing details and make them available to their customers. Moreover, report plugins would allow service providers to easily write their own custom reports to further differentiate their services, in addition to the standard set of reports available in the platform.

Multi-Tiered Storage

V5 offers service providers performance based storage functionality. Service providers can make use of the multi-tiered storage functionality to mix different storage types and to deliver hypervisor QoS, by prioritizing IOPS before hitting storage units.

“Sometimes customers will need expensive SSD-backed storage with high priority IOPS to house mission critical data whereas non-mission critical data can be housed in less expensive and low priority options,” added Meinardi. “We give service providers this functionality to create the combination of storage products they want to deliver highly differentiated cloud hosting services.”