Flexiant Unveils Latest Release of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator

Flexiant has announced the release of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 4.2. With V4.2, Flexiant tightens its integration with Parallels Automation and Parallels Cloud Server, extends its software defined networking (SDN) capabilities to the VMware platform and adds official support for VMware vSphere 5.5, Mixpanel integration and other upgrades.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4.2 now integrates with Parallels Automation using APS 2.0. Parallels customers can use the Parallels control panel to install and configure infrastructure and cloud resources via Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.

Any customer using Parallels Automation can now launch differentiated hypervisor-agnostic infrastructure as a service (IaaS) using the tightly integrated Parallels and Flexiant Solution. This comes off the back of the general availability of the integrated Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Parallels Cloud Server (PCS) virtualization and storage news, marking one of the world’s first cloud orchestration solutions to support Parallels’ container technology.

IaaS and SaaS solutions

cloud-orchestration-software“Since the beginning of 2014, we have made several announcements regarding our relationship with Parallels,” said George Knox, CEO, Flexiant. “This announcement addresses the service providers’ need to support their customers that are moving more production workloads to public cloud hosting environments every day. These customers are looking to service providers to supply IaaS and SaaS solutions in integrated bundles, with unified management, and simplified user experiences. With the Parallels and Flexiant integration, service providers can expand their reach to a more technical business decision maker and IT buyers within the customers’ organizations.”

The latest version adds further support for VMware customers. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator V4.2 includes an SDN feature to allow a more efficient and scalable use of IPv4 addresses, which is now available for the VMware platform, as well as existing and continued Flexiant support for all the main hypervisors. Flexiant now offers official support for VMware vSphere 5.5.

Additional features and enhancements would include:

  • Easier and more secure integration with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator – With the enhanced REST API, API keys and token-based authentication support, Flexiant makes it more easy and secure to integrate with the platform. End users can securely gain access to the platform without handing over private information.
  • Mixpanel integration – In-depth event-based analytics tool, giving service providers business intelligence on their Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform activities.

Flexiant provides cloud orchestration software focused solely to the global cloud hosting service provider market. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is a cloud management software suite that arms service providers with a customizable platform that would help them turn innovative ideas into revenue generating services quickly and easily.