Flexiant Unveils Upgraded Flexiant Concerto with Cloud Freedom for DevOps

Flexiant has announced the commercial availability of Flexiant Concerto. With this solution, DevOps have cloud freedom to automate the build, deployment and operations of applications consistently across multiple clouds. Concerto is available through four pricing models aimed to deliver multi-cloud at a price point everyone can afford.

Not limited to just Amazon Web Services, Flexiant Concerto gives DevOps the ability to automate their application on DigitalOcean, GoGrid, Google Compute Engine, IBM Softlayer, Microsoft Azure, Rackspace, amongst others through one consistent toolset and interface. Launched first in 2014, Flexiant Concerto has been refined based on initial user feedback.

cloud-management-flexiantFlexiant Concerto would also offer DevOps the ability to drive continuous innovation. By making Flexiant Concerto part of the CI/CD pipeline, DevOps can enable the automated testing and deployment of every code change in the application, offering a cycle of continuous feedback and release, to maximize the efficiency and productivity.

Multiple Clouds

“Other solutions enable people to use multi-cloud platforms once an application is built, or if it’s already present within the cloud providers’ specific library,” said Marco Meinardi, Vice President Products at Flexiant. “Flexiant Concerto is unique because it allows DevOps to build, deploy, configure, run, publish, monitor, load balance and auto-scale applications straight in the cloud or multiple clouds of their choice, without relying on the cloud provider’s specifics. Once deployed, that workload can be replicated on other clouds if necessary, with the guarantee of the exact same result helping to reduce uncertainty and risk when developing in the cloud.”

Flexiant was founded in 2009 and its portfolio of solutions includes Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator and Flexiant Concerto. Flexiant’s customers include Brinkster, Computerlinks, FailProof Technology and ThinkGrid Ceano, part of Colt Telecom.

“We help DevOps achieve velocity across multiple clouds with the automation of core and non-core components and Concerto’s configuration management capabilities,” said George Knox, CEO of Flexiant. “Rapidly and frequently adapt applications to the business needs – from the code development to the production deployment – with Concerto.”