Former Azure Veteran to Head DigitalOcean’s Cloud Product Strategy

Cloud provider DigitalOcean, aiming its cloud infrastructure solutions at developers, startups, and SMBs, has hired Gabe Monroy as Chief Product Officer. Prior to DigitalOcean, Monroy was vice president of the Azure Developer Experience group in Microsoft’s Developer Division. Mr. Monroy will be in charge of DigitalOcean’s product management team and will be responsible for the company’s product strategy.

Photo Gabe Monroy
At Microsoft, Gabe Monroy was in charge of Azure’s application-centric services and tools.

“As a developer-turned-entrepreneur, I’m passionate about empowering the next generation of developers and builders,” said Gabe Monroy. “DigitalOcean serves the developers, startups and SMBs that have historically been underserved by tech, and I’m thrilled to be a part of that mission.”

At Microsoft, Gabe Monroy was in charge of Azure’s application-centric services and tools, which included compute, platform, and developer tools. Mr. Monroy formerly served as the founder and CTO of Deis, a company that was bought by Microsoft in 2017.

Monroy founded Azure Kubernetes Service after joining Microsoft, making it the fastest-growing compute service in Azure’s history.

Founding Member of the CNCF

Gabe Monroy has extensive expertise in open-source software and cloud-native technologies, having contributed to Docker and Kubernetes early on and being a founding member of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF).

DigitalOcean’s product strategy is core to our mission to simplify cloud computing so developers and businesses can spend more time creating software that changes the world,” said Yancey Spruill, Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at DigitalOcean. “Gabe is a deeply experienced leader with a proven track record of delivering products that delight developers, startups and SMBs. We are excited to add Gabe’s leadership and experience as a strong voice for innovation, which will be a key growth lever on the march to our first billion in revenue in 2024.”

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