Forrester: 87% of European Enterprises Using Multiple Public Cloud Platforms

The State of European Cloud, 2022 is a market study by Forrester that highlights the most recent developments in European enterprise cloud adoption. The report’s conclusions demonstrate that the European cloud market is experiencing strong growth in cloud adoption.

According to Forrester, enterprises are reviewing their cloud strategy to optimize for cost and resilience while making sure they comply with the most recent European legislation as the pandemic starts to fade and unrest in Eastern Europe intensifies.

A public cloud platform is used by more than 50 percent of European business decision-makers, while 87 percent of European businesses use various public cloud platforms.

Infrastructure decision-makers at European enterprises claim that 41 percent of their portfolio of applications are in the public cloud.

Modernization is the top priority for 56 percent of infrastructure decision-makers at European businesses. To redesign their applications, enterprises are using a variety of techniques, including Kubernetes, cloud-native services, and AI/ML.

Cloud native is quickly replacing the status quo. According to the Forrester research, 22 percent of developers in Europe said they often use containers in public clouds for development.

Cloud First Policy

According to Forrester, a country specific focus shows the following:

  • UK regulations settle close to EU standards – In general, the UK government has been an aggressive adopter of cloud technology with its 2013 unveiling of the Cloud First policy. The UK defined its own regulatory laws in 2021 and 2022 as a result of Brexit, but the results are quite similar to those of the EU.
  • Germany focuses on privacy – The country continues to uphold standards that are stricter than those of the EU. For instance, Germany forbids the transmission of health data beyond the EU by digital health apps and demands minimum cybersecurity standards from cloud service providers. The main cloud provider with a base in Germany is still T-Systems.
  • France and Italy seek in-country reinforcement – In-country cloud solutions are given top priority in France and Italy to strengthen good economic effects and safeguard citizen interests from foreign data rules. In order to qualify for the Cloud de Confiance label, CSPs must have built-in infrastructure and undergo thorough security checks that are unique to France and not required by EU regulations.