Fortinet Unveils Managed Cloud-Native Firewall on AWS


FortiGate Cloud-Native Firewall (FortiGate CNF), an enterprise-grade, managed firewall service especially created for AWS environments, is now available on Amazon Web Services. For real-time detection and defense against malicious external and internal threats, Fortinet’s FortiGate CNF offering integrates FortiGuard artificial intelligence (AI)-powered Security Services. It is supported by FortiOS for a consistent network security experience across AWS and on-prem settings.

Organizations may concentrate more on their core competencies and the implementation of efficient security policies to safeguard their mission-critical apps and data by moving the administration of network security infrastructure to cybersecurity solutions provider Fortinet via FortiGate CNF.

Dave Ward, GM, Application Networking, AWS
“We know organizations are looking to further simplify and modernize security on the cloud, which is why we’re working with Fortinet to deliver adaptive cloud security solutions,” said Dave Ward, GM, Application Networking, AWS.

FortiGate CNF provides customers with immediate access to FortiGuard AI-powered Security Services for enterprise-grade protection, including URL filtering, DNS filtering, IPS, application control, and other FortiGuard security services that organizations rely on. FortiGate CNF is natively compatible with AWS and is currently accessible in the AWS Marketplace.

“We know organizations are looking to further simplify and modernize security on the cloud, which is why we’re working with Fortinet to deliver adaptive cloud security solutions,” said Dave Ward, General Manager, Application Networking, AWS. “With FortiGate CNF, customers can build confidently, boost agility, and take advantage of everything AWS has to offer. As a fully managed cloud-native service, FortiGate CNF provides the enterprise-level firewall services and network security that helps reduce risk and improve compliance, and optimizes customers’ security investments. We’re looking forward to continuing our work with Fortinet to help our mutual customers accelerate their cloud security goals.”

The Fortinet Security Fabric Platform

To sum up, FortiGate CNF would enable organizations to realize the following benefits:

Region-wide network protection at optimized costs – A cloud region’s virtual private clouds (VPCs), availability zones, and cloud networks can all be secured with ease using FortiGate CNF. Additionally, it utilizes AWS Graviton instances and natively supports AWS to provide better price performance than competing products.

Simplified network security operations with cloud-native integrations – A strong security policy, including dynamic meta data based rules on AWS, may be easily defined and deployed with FortiGate CNF’s “simple, intuitive” user interface (UI), which reduces the requirement for security knowledge. This AWS support enables security teams to operate at the same pace and scale as application teams, and support for AWS Gateway Load Balancer reduces DIY automation while enhancing high availability and scaling while securing Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) environments. Support for AWS Firewall Manager also makes security management easier and speeds up security rollout.

Increased compliance with consistent enterprise-grade security across on-prem and cloud deployments – A cloud security platform with a single dashboard, according to 78% of respondents in a recent study of more than 800 cybersecurity experts, could improve data protection across their cloud footprint and fortify their security posture. With the help of FortiGate CNF, customers can quickly and simply administer security rules across all of their AWS installations. Through FortiManager, it also provides a single point of access to centralize policy management, improve visibility, and automate policy enforcement on AWS and other platforms as part of the Fortinet Security Fabric platform. With the aid of this feature, teams can effortlessly implement security policies across hybrid cloud and on-premises installations.

Enhanced with AI-powered global threat intelligence – The FortiGuard AI-powered security services available through FortiGate CNF were created and are being updated by FortiGuard Labs. FortiGate CNF with FortiGuard Security Services uses AI/machine learning (ML) models to provide proactive security posture and repair of known and undiscovered threats based on real-time threat intelligence, behavior-based detection, and automated prevention.