Fortrust’s Denver, Colorado Colocation Facility Selected by VMware and Hadoop IaaS Provider, Bit Refinery

Fortrust, a colocation provider headquartered in Denver, with data center locations in Phoenix, Arizona and Edison, New Jersey, has announced that Bit Refinery, a VMware and Hadoop Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting provider, has chosen Fortrust to provide and manage its Hadoop Hosting service.

Bit Refinery is a VMware and Hadoop Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting provider based out in Denver, Colorado. The company began offering Hadoop hosting in 2013 using a combination of bare-metal servers coupled with an Enterprise-grade VMware environment in data centers throughout the United States. Fortrust has now been selected as a trusted partner to expand its Hadoop services footprint in the Rocky Mountain region.

Fortrust was chosen due to its strategic location, ability to support dynamic power densities, stringent security measures, and top tier infrastructure design. Under this agreement, Fortrust will provide Bit Refinery with a private cage environment in its Denver, Colorado colocation facility.

Cloud Hosting in Colorado

Fortrust’s Denver colocation facility

Bit Refinery’s hosted Hadoop offering is a secured solution for companies who need to store and analyze large amounts of data that will result in actionable insights about customers, business processes, and performance.

“The continuous uptime track record we maintain here at Fortrust makes us a popular choice among cloud hosting services providers entering the Colorado marketspace,” said Rob McClary, Fortrust Senior Vice President and General Manager. “Ultimate reliability and the highest level of physical and cyber security is critical to their success and we are more than happy to provide them with the support they need.”