FortyCloud Joins Forces With Paris-based Cloud Hosting Provider, Numergy

FortyCloud, a pioneer in network Security-as-a-Service for the cloud, has announced a partnership with Numergy, a public cloud hosting services provider based in Paris, France. As part of the new partnership, Numergy customers can now take advantage of FortyCloud’s offering that bundles all core security components (encryption, firewall, VPN, access control, identity management, etc.) into a single, integrated product delivered as SaaS.

By leveraging FortyCloud’s comprehensive, end-to-end SaaS solution, Numergy customers would be able to secure their public cloud hosting deployments in a faster, more automated way.

FortyCloud, an Israelian provider of cloud security solutions with offices in Mansfield, Massachusetts, offers an innovative approach that blends software defined networking (SDN) and software defined security (SDS) technologies. This unique approach serves to isolate and interconnect cloud deployments using a distinct “overlay network.”

cloud-server-securityBy harnessing FortyCloud’s overlay network, Numergy’s cloud hosting customers can build and control their own secure, flexible, and scalable virtual private cloud network over any, or over multiple, cloud hosting infrastructure platforms as well as data centers.

Furthermore, FortyCloud has abstracted complicated security tasks and automated them, delivering high scaling capabilities. Through an intuitive UI, system admins, networking and security engineers can rapidly deploy, scale, control and monitor a secured cloud network in real-time.

Cloud Security Solutions

The FortyCloud Solution provides comprehensive IT security elements, including AAA (Authorization, Authentication, Audit), a policy-based network firewall, encryption of data-in-transit, logs and audit trails. It also offers identity-based network access and control, which would ensure stronger security and a unified behavior across an organization’s on-premise and cloud deployments. With just a few clicks, Numergy customers can now introduce new security policies at a granular level, including access control and connectivity.

“This partnership with Numergy will enable us to broaden our reach into the European cloud hosting market, where we know that security is of utmost concern to both cloud providers and their business customers,” said Amit Cohen, co-founder and CEO of FortyCloud. “Leveraging FortyCloud’s distinct solution, Numergy can further enhance and extend added security safeguards that it is able to provide to its cloud customers.”