FortyCloud Launches Security-as-a-Service For Cloud Hosting Environments

FortyCloud, an Israelian provider of cloud security solutions with offices in Mansfield, Massachusetts, has launched a new Security-as-a-Service solution that would enable  companies to make their public cloud server environment fully private.

The Security-as-a-Service solution combines software defined networking (SDN) and software defined security (SDS) technologies. In doing so, the FortyCloud Solution isolates and interconnects cloud deployments using a distinct “overlay network.

AWS, Rackspace, Google

cloud-server-securityBy harnessing FortyCloud’s overlay network, an organization is able to build and control its own secure, flexible, and scalable virtual private cloud network over any, or over multiple, cloud hosting infrastructure platforms (i.e.: Amazon AWS, Rackspace Cloud, Google Compute Engine) as well as data centers.

The FortyCloud Solution provides comprehensive IT security elements, including AAA, a policy-based network firewall, encryption of data-in-transit, logs and audit trails. It also provides identity-based network access and control, which ensures stronger security and a unified behavior across an organization’s on-premise and cloud hosting deployments. Infrastructure independent, FortyCloud can be deployed on all IaaS platforms.

The FortyCloud SaaS solution’s main components consist of:

  • Gateways – FortyCloud Gateways serve as entry points for all back-end traffic into a secured cloud network, authenticating users using VPN technology and enforcing access control policies. The gateways also securely interconnect multiple cloud networks or hybrid deployments.
  • Web Admin Console and APIs – FortyCloud’s Admin Console and APIs are used to configure, monitor, and troubleshoot all security functions.
  • Thin Agents – These are optional software components installed on cloud servers (virtual or dedicated). The agents enforce an organization’s security policies on the server, configure its firewall, and aid in establishing secure connectivity with other Agents and Gateways.
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