FPT Releases Upgraded Citus Cloud Load Test With Feature Simulating Over 5,000 Concurrent Users

FPT (VNINDEX: FPT), a Vietnam-based provider of advanced application and software outsourcing, has released an upgraded version of its Citus Cloud Load Test (CLT) on AWS Marketplace. The new version of this tool features a simulation option with over 5,000 concurrent users, allowing developers and testers to rapidly and easily automate their test case creation, execution, and reporting for their cloud environments.

The initial version of the Citus Cloud Load Test was released earlier this year in August. The jump in number of concurrent users from 200 to 5,000 now allows Citus Cloud Load Test to cover all test cases for systems receiving millions requests per day. Enhancements in the new version would also include bugs fixed, optimized flow, upgraded intuitive UX and smarter reporting function.

cloud-hostingCitus Cloud Load Test is an on-demand cloud test tool that allows developers and testers to simulate hundreds of thousands of concurrent users to create, schedule, and run performance tests providing comprehensive reports through a single Web-based portal. The tool is currently a 5-star-rated product in the AWS Cloud Marketplace, with positive feedbacks from clients for its usability and convenience.

“We believe that this new release will not only assist customers in adapting to the Cloud better but also offer a great competitive advantage in testing cost for them,” said FPT Software’s Chief Technology Officer Le Hong Viet.

Cloud Toolset

The solution complements FPT’s Cloud Services to better support clients’ projects and it is sold directly to actual users. This product is based on and compatible with JMeter and optimized for AWS. The initial version of the Citus CLT was released earlier this year in August, which drew much attention from the testing society.

Citus Cloud Load Test is a component of FPT’s Citus Cloud Tool Suite, which was released to better assist clients in assessing and implementing cloud transition from consultancy to post-implementation. The toolset is utilized for cloud budget planning, vendor evaluation, security risk assessment, cloudification, SaaSification, PaaS adoption and performance & load testing.

FPT is one of the largest IT companies in Vietnam with over $1.36 billion revenue and 17,000 employees. With focus on R&D activities to improve the quality of services, the company has been serving over 250 customers worldwide, of which nearly 40 are Fortune 500 in the industries of manufacturing, semiconductors, healthcare, utility, financial services, satellite TV, and more.