Fpweb.net Adds Sitecore Platform to Its Cloud Hosting Portfolio

Fpweb.net, a company headquartered in Fenton, Missouri, known primarily for their SharePoint hosting expertise for the last 15 years, has added the Sitecore platform to their public, private and hybrid cloud hosting offerings. Fpweb.net offers an alternative to an in-house solution by assisting with implementation, maintenance and support for the environment.

The new offering could be a value-add for businesses that lack a dedicated team for the complicated platform and need a cost-effective solution for their in-house deployment. Fpweb.net’s managed Sitecore cloud hosting services help architect a solution that fits custom business needs, scale the environment as those needs change, and support it with a full team of specialists available 24/7.

sitecore-hosting-fpweb“We’re excited to add Sitecore managed services for clients who want to optimize their customer experience management, and to make it easier, we’re helping them avoid upfront costs by spreading out licensing costs over predictable monthly payments,” said Rob LaMear IV, Fpweb.net’s CEO and founder. “It’s just another way that businesses can leverage the benefits of deploying Sitecore with Fpweb.net and save money in the process. We arm each client with enterprise-grade resources that strengthen your Sitecore investment, and then we protect that investment with expert support.”

Among those resources inherent with Fpweb.net’s services, clients keep complete control of their server environment with the ability to customize as needed with third-party applications that improve their functionality and scale their capabilities up or down quickly as needed. Each service would offer rapid support within minutes.

To learn more about Fpweb.net’s Managed Sitecore Hosting solutions, please visit https://www.fpweb.net/sitecore.