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As cloud technology builds momentum in the IT world, now is the time to introduce you and your IT team to multicloud and hybrid cloud solutions and build core competencies in cloud transitions.
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In this free one-hour course, Introduction to Cisco Multicloud (MCINT) starts with the basics of cloud technology and builds on core competencies to equip learners to make strategic, well-informed decisions pertaining to network management and transition enterprise networks to the cloud in the future. Topics include the business case for cloud adoption, the evolution and benefits of multicloud environments, common services and delivery models for enterprise networks, and an overview of Cisco tools and technologies used in multicloud and hybrid cloud transitions. Your team will compare your enterprise network environment to use case scenarios, examine the key considerations in enterprise network transitions, and emerge with actionable next steps to build a multicloud network for the enterprise.

MCINT covers public, private and hybrid cloud and multicloud environments, as well as storage, security and monitoring, and evolving trends in the marketplace. Upon completion of this course, your team will gain the ability to make informed decisions about cloud, multicloud, on-premise and hybrid solutions–even as new cloud technologies continue to emerge.

Duration: 00:01:14
Publisher: Cisco
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