French Tennis Federation Selects CDNetworks’ CDN Solution to Handle Sharp Spikes in Website Traffic

The French Tennis Federation (Fédération Française de Tennis) has implemented CDNetworks’ CDN solution to ensure fast response times for both its own website,, and its French Open ticketing website – which has to handle sharp spikes in traffic.

“Some 95% of French Open tickets are sold the first day they are made available to the general public,” said Franck Labat, Head of IT at the French Tennis Federation. “That means we have to deal with a huge surge in website traffic that day, with buyers from around the world – especially Russia, China, and the U.S. So, CDNetworks‘ global reach is vital to us, to ensure fast page load times for users anywhere on the planet.”

french-tennis-federationAll of the website’s static content was migrated to CDNetworks’ CDN platform to lighten the load on the FFT’s servers and bring the content closer to where users are located. The pictures, java scripts, and PDFs on the FFT’s website and the illustrations and script (which changes every year) on the ticketing website are now hosted on CDNetworks’ content delivery network (CDN).


CDNetworks is fully compatible with the FFT’s existing content management system (CMS), Drupal. The system just needed to be configured at the start so that the website content updates automatically at specified time intervals. As a result, FFT’s IT department would now be able to simply sit back and let the CDN run on its own.

“We decided to work with CDNetworks because of its solid reputation as an effective, reliable CDN services provider,” added Mr. Labat. “And we are especially pleased with how transparent its system is. We know we can count on the CDN without any additional effort by our IT staff.”