From Edge to Cloud: How Cloud IoT Core Is Supporting Industrial IoT at Scale (Cloud Next '19)

Industrial assets are often in remote locations, yet they produce large amounts of critical data that can be used to improve safety, increase production, and reduce downtime. This session walks through how Cognite uses Cloud IoT Core to extract relevant data from ships at sea and how it optimizes data transfers to enable real-time aggregation, contextualisation, and ultimately visualization and prediction, leveraging, among other GCP technologies, Cloud Bigtable and Cloud ML Engine.

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Speaker(s): Stein H. Danielsen, Adam Michelson, Geir Kokkvoll Engdahl

Session ID: IOT201
product:Cloud IoT Core,Cloud ML Engine,Google Cloud (General); fullname:Adam Michelson;

Duration: 45:11
Publisher: Google Cloud
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