FTP access to Jelastic Cloud servers

http://jelastic.com Now you get a fast, easy and reliable method of file management and data transfer to and from your servers with a FTP connection in Jelastic. FTP or FTPS usage allows you to upload/download necessary resources to corresponding folders. You can work with a group of files using any FTP client instead of uploading/downloading each file separately through the dashboard. It is very easy to enable synchronization between your local machine and your server in Jelastic via FTP software. You can access and edit most config files, even those you can’t access via the dashboard. Moreover you can use the config editor you are used to working with and not the inbuilt one.

Jelastic is next generation cloud hosting platform which can run and scale *any* Java/PHP application. Try it free at http://jelastic.com

Duration: 5:25
Publisher: Jelastic Cloud
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