Fueling Innovation in the Government through Startups

AWS Public Sector Summit 2018 – Washington, D.C.

For decades, the Public Sector has fueled innovation across a multitude of categories, from the space program and the Internet to hydraulic fracturing and the MRI. Organizations such as DARPA, ARPA-e, NIST, NSF, NASA, and NIH have each contributed to the advancement of technology, resulting in economic growth, sustained national security, and breakthroughs in medicine. With the advent of cloud computing and the rise of startup firms, the government realizes that its continued approach must also embrace advancements not necessarily developed or supported through its programs. As a result, new innovation programs, organizations, and rapid procurement vehicles have been designed to engage and partner with industry, specifically to better enable the mission, reduce waste, and more rapidly compete in a flatter, more challenging global landscape. Listen to leaders from both the commercial and public sectors discuss how they are partnering to access and co-develop available capabilities faster through startups. Understand first-hand how organizations are using startup technologies for tech scouting, prototyping, piloting, and ultimately, production deployments to better serve the warfighter, enable citizen-centric solutions, and counter-violence overseas.

Speakers: Andy Bair, Candice Charlton, Brendan Ciecko, Peter Dixon, Varun Vira

Duration: 45:38
Publisher: Amazon Web Services
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