Fugue Introduces Centralized Multicloud Security Visibility

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Global cloud security SaaS company Fugue is now enabling enterprises to establish centralized security visibility as well as policy-based governance over their cloud environments.

As businesses use the cloud for more applications, the challenge of maintaining a secure and compliant environment grows, stated Fugue. Depending on the use case and location, various applications have distinct risks and policy needs, and they frequently employ different cloud service providers, system architectures, and tooling. Managed service providers (MSPs) confront comparable issues when it comes to securing the cloud for numerous clients, each with its own set of use cases, policy needs, and organizational structures, added Fugue.

Photo Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue
“Within hours, Fugue helps IT and security leaders know their cloud environments are secure and adhere to policy at all times,” said Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue.

Organization Management from Fugue automates onboarding and security monitoring for large and complex cloud operations while increasing operational productivity. Fugue Organization Management would now operationalize cloud security across the entire organization, allowing companies to effectively scale their existing cloud security resources using policy-based automation while also assisting engineering teams in avoiding costly delays and delivering secure cloud infrastructure quickly.

“Every enterprise is structured differently, with multiple business units making decisions that address their specific use cases, creating massive security and governance challenges,” said Josh Stella, co-founder and CEO of Fugue. “Within hours, Fugue helps IT and security leaders know their cloud environments are secure and adhere to policy at all times, while empowering individual teams to move fast and efficiently while addressing local requirements.”

To sum up, Organization Management from Fugue would now enable enterprises to:

Establish Cloud Security Visibility Over the Enterprise

Fugue provides real-time visibility into the whole health and security posture of cloud environments across business divisions or customers to central security operations teams. Teams of security experts can:

  • To obtain visibility into the compliance and security of all cloud environments across cloud providers, view unified organization-level data
  • Access specific cloud environments as needed to examine vulnerabilities and adjust policy settings to match each use case’s security requirements
  • Using business unit or customer reporting for IT chargebacks, operationalize cloud security across the firm

Achieve Consistent Enforcement of Cloud Security Controls

Fugue guarantees that policy-driven cloud security measures are interpreted, applied, and enforced uniformly throughout the company. Security teams can:

  • Develop unique rules to handle complex, multi-resource vulnerabilities by leveraging hundreds of pre-built rules linked to more than a dozen compliance families
  • Define ‘families’ of pre-built and bespoke compliance rules for use across the enterprise and deliver them to cloud technical teams for execution
  • To assess the security of their infrastructure as code and runtime environments, apply organization-wide compliance families to any or all cloud activities 

Create Flexibility for Business Units and Clients

Individual business divisions or consumers have unique requirements and wants. Individual engineering teams may use Fugue to organize and customize their environments logically, giving them the freedom they need to work quickly and efficiently. Security teams can:

  • To manage permissions and cloud account access for individuals, groups, and API clients, enable role-based access controls (RBAC) for each environment
  • Configure security and compliance settings at the organization or environment level so that compliance families may be implemented across all environments or particular rules can be customized for each environment
  • Set up alerts for when Fugue detects policy breaches or possible misconfiguration vulnerabilities in any environment