Fujitsu, VMware Announce Expanded Global Collaboration in the Cloud

fujitsu-cloud-servicesFujitsu and VMware have announced new areas of collaboration to empower customers with their cloud technologies. Now, as part of the companies’ expanded collaboration, Fujitsu and VMware have agreed to establish project teams to conduct marketing and sales support activities for the global expansion of Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 and Fujitsu Managed Infrastructure Service Virtual Desktop Service, V-DaaS, based on VMware Horizon.

Fujitsu Cloud Service K5 is a core component of Fujitsu Digital Business Platform MetaArc, based on Fujitsu’s most advanced technologies. Fujitsu and VMware plan to collaborate to expand V-DaaS globally, starting in the ASEAN region.


Fujitsu and VMware plan to collaborate to optimize VMware technologies for K5, to enable seamless availability of business-critical applications run between K5 and customers’ on-premises environments, and to offer enterprises a highly optimized hybrid cloud.

In addition, both companies plan to work together to expand the PaaS capabilities of K5 by leveraging VMware vSphere Integrated Containers to ease the development and distribution of cloud-native applications, and to enable enterprises to flexibly adjust their applications in response to additions and revisions to business processes.

Fujitsu would provide a highly secure solution that can help minimize internal and external security risks and virtual desktop-based identity theft by leveraging VMware Horizon and the VMware NSX network virtualization platform and Fujitsu’s original palm vein authentication system. Additionally, Fujitsu plans to deploy the solution to 80,000 employees at Fujitsu and its subsidiaries in Japan to improve the service level of V-DaaS and FENICS II Mobile Management with AirWatch by VMware, a smart-device management service.

Hybrid Cloud

The VMware and Fujitsu collaboration is designed to provide business applications that have high reliability, functionality, security, and availability to customers, while enabling a globally consistent user experience. The expanded partnership is also designed to help enterprises optimize costs through the seamless operation of hybrid cloud technologies, enabling companies to promptly deploy IT infrastructure as the business requires.

Fujitsu is a member of the VMware vCloud Air Network, and VMware and Fujitsu have been partners since 2006.