Fujitsu Announces Availability of Three New Tier III Data Centers in North America

Fujitsu has announced the availability of new Tier III data center capabilities in New York and California, in addition to the planned opening of its new Tier III data center in Regina, Canada. Fujitsu established itself a year ago in the global cloud hosting and services market with its plans to invest approximately $2 billion between 2014 and 2016 to achieve their ambitious cloud growth objectives.

Through these new locations, Fujitsu will provide its data center services, including big data analysis, Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) cloud hosting, private cloud management services, deployment of cloud applications, as well as secure storage and disaster recovery.

Japanese bilingual services

fujitsu-cloud-servicesThese specialized Tier III data centers in the U.S. and Canada will also offer Fujitsu customers a premier network, systems integration and application management services. Importantly, they also will offer Japanese bilingual services, a significant added benefit to the company’s extensive customer base of Japan Originated Companies (JOC). These services are of particular importance to the Fujitsu customer network outside the U.S., where many JOC customers seek to globalize and expand their own footprint into the Americas.

“Companies across the world are demanding more enhanced services and solutions to help them realize their globalization ambitions,” said Bob Pryor, head of Americas and corporate vice president, Fujitsu Ltd. “By delivering Japanese bi-lingual data center capabilities, Fujitsu further demonstrates its long-standing commitment to helping customers achieve their business objectives, in this case delivering unique capabilities to JOC customers well beyond the scope of its world-class data center offering.”

The new data centers join Fujitsu‘s other data center locations in the Americas region including: Sunnyvale, California; Dallas, Texas; Montreal, Quebec; Columbus, Ohio; Durham, North Carolina; and Trinidad.