Fujitsu Releases Enhanced Version of ETERNUS CS8000 Unified Backup and Archive Appliance

Fujitsu has released the latest version of its ETERNUS CS8000 storage appliance, with special enhancements to help organizations achieve higher efficiency and greater availability in their backup and archive environments.

The latest version of the ETERNUS CS8000 includes an automated and integrated backup for archive and second-tier file storage data, making it easier to protect this information without the need for additional backup software. New infrastructure components would extend the solution’s performance levels to more than 150 TB/h while simultaneously reducing costs.

Scale-out architecture

The Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 storage appliance includes an automated and integrated backup for archive and second-tier file storage data.

Based on the Fujitsu principle of providing business-centric storage solutions, the ETERNUS CS8000 can align resources based on business requirements. The appliance allows highly specialized solutions for backup purposes, second-tier file storage and archive scenarios, as well as the consolidation of complex backup and archive environments in one unified data-protection appliance.

Its scale-out architecture – extending from seven terabytes to 22.2 petabytes – helps organizations to deal even with enormous data growth, as there is no need to buy an additional backup storage system if the backup amount grows. Organizations can just add the required capacity or performance component to ETERNUS CS8000.

Mid-range data centers

To provide high-end enterprise-grade functionality also to mid-range data centers, the entry model ETERNUS CS8200 is now enriched with some functionalities that had been restricted to the upper models in the past. There is now a new NAS entry model available for archive and second-tier file storage purposes including integrated backup.

The new Fujitsu ETERNUS CS8000 has been globally available since June 1, 2014. The new enhancements come with a service package, which is provided at no additional charge for all ETERNUS CS8000 customers with a valid maintenance contract.