Full Cost Transparency with the 1&1 Cloud Server

The “Interactive Invoice” is a free feature that enables 1&1 Cloud Server users to visually see and adjust their billing at any time. The ability to adjust your resources on-the-fly provides the added benefit of full cost control. With billing by the minute (starting from $0.00037/minute) or month ($9.99/month for a basic configuration), it is only necessary to pay for the configuration that is being used. By moderating infrastructure from both a technical and financial standpoint, it’s possible to switch, shut down, and adjust your package to meet your changing needs. In this video, 1&1’s Product Manager Cloud & Server, Dietrich Höschele, explains how the Interactive Invoice works and how users can get a deeper look into their account billing.

Find more information on the 1&1 Blog: http://blog.1and1.com/tag/cloud and website: http://www.1and1.com/dynamic-cloud-server

Duration: 1:28
Publisher: 1&1 Internet, Inc.
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