FullHost Now Offers Hosting Solutions Globally on AWS Cloud

Canadian web hosting provider FullHost, headquartered in Victoria, British Columbia with their data centers in Vancouver and Toronto, has announced the availability of its Elastic Hosting, Managed WordPress Hosting, and Managed Virtual Server Hosting services on AWS cloud. Built on the Amazon Web Services global cloud platform, FullHost‘s latest addition to its web hosting offerings would cater to the needs of quite some customers.

AWSSeveral of FullHost’s clients have indicated an interest in hosting online applications like WordPress, WooCommerce, and ecommerce shops directly on AWS, where the setup and maintenance are rather complicated. Additionally, big companies that want to host their applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS) frequently lack the internal knowledge and manpower necessary to set up, manage, and monitor their solution.

Many of the company’s foreign customers – as well as Canadian companies with a worldwide audience – have also indicated a desire for data center sites outside of Canada, in Europe or Asia, so they may host web applications closer to their visitors.

Managed WordPress hosting, VPS Hosting

FullHost clients in Canada may now pick AWS in Montreal, Canada in addition to their Vancouver and Toronto data center locations. The decision will be left fully in the hands of the client, who may choose their preferred data center location before committing to a solution. Another AWS site will be available worldwide by 2022, according to the company.

New FullHost hosting solutions delivered on AWS cloud include the following:

  • Elastic Hosting – A flexible managed hosting solution that grows with the client in Canada. The client pays only for what they need and can use any web platform
  • Managed WordPress Hosting – A hosted managed WordPress hosting solution providing a continually supported environment for WordPress applications
  • Managed Virtual Server Hosting – A virtual private server (VPS) solution that comes with the flexibility to customize the VPS for a user’s own needs while meeting regulatory compliance requirements

AWS hosting options were previously only available to a restricted group of FullHost‘s clients, but now those services are open to everybody.