Fully Integrate Modern Load Balancing and Application Services with Cisco ACI and Avi Networks

Avi Networks ships a multi-cloud, elastic Load Balancing fabric that’s helping Fortune 2000 customers modernize their Load Balancing infrastructure. Avis seamless, one-click integration with Cisco ACI enables customers to create an ACI integrated load balancing service. The joint solution enables faster provisioning times for applications, and automated day 2 operations with the load balancing fabric scaling elastically to support application needs without operator intervention. Learn more about how Cisco and Avi are enabling joint customers to achieve their automation goals, reduce costs on load balancing by over 50%, while improving SLAs with the built-in analytics in Cisco ACI and Avi Networks. Visit website: http://cs.co/9004E8VWn.

Duration: 4:56
Publisher: Cisco
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