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Do you wonder what cloud native is and why it’s important to cloud computing? If you want to take advantage of the various benefits the cloud offers, like scalability and redundancy, you need to be building and running applications that follow cloud native practices and technologies.

In this webinar, Eric Frick, a cloud native instructor from Mirantis, and Myles Brown, a Senior Cloud and DevOps Advisor from ExitCertified, discuss the following topics:
– The ways most organizations migrate to the cloud
– Common challenges organizations face during migration
– The basics of cloud native computing and its advantages and disadvantages
– The skills needed to build and deploy cloud native architectures
– Cloud native training offerings from Mirantis Inc.

You’ll walk away from this presentation with an understanding of what cloud native architecture is, how your organization can set it up, and how to migrate existing workloads from monolithic application architectures to a cloud native one.

0:00 – Introduction, housekeeping & agenda
3:16 – The way most organizations approach cloud migrations
5:38 – Common challenges organizations can face when migrating to the cloud
8:27 – What is cloud maturity & how to get there?
10:38 – Defining the monolithic application
13:02 – What is cloud native architecture?
19:19 – What are the prerequisites to a cloud native architecture?
23:27 – Training offers from Mirantis & ExitCertified
26:29 – Mirantis vendor-agnostic training & Mirantis Cloud Native Platform training
28:42 – Cloud Native Bootcamps – a complete cloud native learning track from Mirantis Training
29:50 – Mirantis Training Promo – Introduction to Cloud Native (CN50)
33:30 – Live Q&A

Duration: 00:54:13
Publisher: Mirantis
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