Fundamentals of Wi-Fi 6: Capacity Is the New Metric

Learn more about Wi-Fi 6 (802.11ax):

We’ve seen performance gains with each new wireless standard. We’ve also been promised more than each standard delivered. Why should we expect something different from 802.11ax, or Wi-Fi 6?

Because Wi-Fi 6 is all about airtime efficiency in a high-density world.

In addition to its solid improvements in the usual three wireless performance areas—modulation, spatial streams, and channel bonding—Wi-Fi 6 is supported by a big new acronym: OFDMA (orthogonal frequency-division multiple access). For the first time, a wireless standard is addressing the transmission issues that lead to wasted space and wasted air time.

Find out about OFDMA and what it means for your enterprise business in Fundamentals of Wi-Fi 6: Capacity Is the New Metric, a video on demand from TechWiseTV hosted by Robb Boyd.

Duration: 7:23
Publisher: Cisco
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