Future Hosting Announces New Managed Dedicated Server Hosting Plans

Future Hosting, a company specializing in VPS hosting and dedicated servers, has announced a comprehensive streamlining of its dedicated server hosting lineup, with price cuts for all server tiers and the introduction of an all-new dedicated server plan for “high-performance” site and application hosting.

Future Hosting’s dedicated server entry plan (X3450) includes a Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.66 Ghz processor, 16GB of RAM, and 1 TB of storage with software RAID. The company’s top-of-the-line E5620 dedicated server includes Dual Quad Core Xeon processors with 32GB of RAM and a pair of 600 GB 10K SAS drives with hardware RAID.

future hostingThis March also sees the introduction of a brand new entry into Future Hosting’s lineup. Their E3-1230v5 dedicated server includes a Quad Core 3.4 Ghz Xeon processor with 16GB of RAM. It would be a good choice for hosting clients who need a high-performance web application server with a large fast SSD RAID array.

“The revision of our dedicated server plans is part of our continuing commitment to shape our servers to the needs of our clients,” said Maulesh Patel, VP of Operations of Future Hosting, “By simplifying the range of available servers and reducing prices across the board, we’ve created a collection of powerful machines, each of which has been designed and built to provide a hosting platform informed by our extensive experience of what dedicated server users actually want and need.”

Future Hosting managed dedicated server clients can also choose to utilize the company’s Future Engineer Pro service, a proactive managed services option that includes monitoring, proactive security updates, and a range of support options for assistance with common server software.

Based in Southfield, Michigan, Future Hosting is specializing in managed hosting, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers (VPS hosting), and hybrid virtual private servers.