Future Hosting Unveils Chicago-based Pure SSD VPS Hosting Plans

vps-hosting-pure-ssdFuture Hosting, a specialized VPS hosting and dedicated server provider from the United States, has announced the availability of new pure SSD Virtual Private Server hosting plans. The VPS hosting plans allow clients to take advantage of the power that SSD technology provides, particularly for I/O dependent operations.

Future Hosting’s Pure SSD VPS hosting plans include CentOS 6 with Plesk or cPanel, full root access, and optional Future Protect backups. All of their VPS nodes use enterprise-grade servers based on Dual Intel Xeon processors with between 16 and 24 cores and 32GB of RAM.

The company’s Pure SSD VPS hosting clients have the option to take advantage of the Future Engineer proactive management service, which provides monitoring of key services including the web server, mail servers, and FTP servers. The Future Engineer add-on also includes free transfers from Plesk or cPanel servers to Future Hosting managed servers running the same control panel.

SSD vs. disk I/O

“While all of our managed virtual private servers are optimized for performance, SSDs virtually remove the need for clients to worry about performance issues arising from disk I/O,” said Maulesh Patel, VP of Sales of Future Hosting. “Pure SSD virtual private servers enable us to provide a no-compromise hosting experience to our clients, allowing them to maximize the potential of their hardware and provide users with the performance they demand.”

Founded in 2001, Future Hosting is a privately held Internet solutions provider specializing in managed hosting, including dedicated servers, virtual private servers, and hybrid virtual private servers (VPS hosting). The company is based in Southfield, Michigan.