‘Future of Game Hosting is in Cloud-based Hosting Platforms’

OPINION – Online games have demanding applications that push the technical hosting requirements to its limits. Cloud hosting does not seem to be the appropriate solution for online games when it comes to high-performance delivery. Within 5 years things will look a bit different, says Brad Leibowitz on the blog of hosting provider Solar VPS.

Hosting providers are currently offering mainly dedicated hosting solutions to the online gaming industry, sometimes even in combination with crossover connections creating cluster computing power to have the lowest latency levels possible. Cloud hosting doesn’t pop-up in mind first as the type of hosting to choose as it comes to online game infrastructure.

Game hosting

game-serversFor some legacy games or new games that aren’t that dynamic, a latency level in the hosting infrastructure of 300 to 400 milliseconds might not be a problem at all. Other games, with real-time updates for example, might require an ultra-low latency level that doesn’t exceed a value of 50 milliseconds.

It’s especially these high-performance games that are currently pushing the technical hosting requirements to its limits, making a dedicated server  the preferred platform. Nevertheless, the blog article explains why – five years from now – the online gaming industry will begin to support more and more cloud based game hosting platforms.

Read the full article of Brad Leibowitz on the future of game hosting here…

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO