G-Core Labs Launches New Network PoPs for Its CDN in Romania and Canada

G-Core Labs, an international content delivery network (CDN), cloud and edge solutions provider, has expanded its CDN across Europe and North America. The firm has opened new CDN locations in Bucharest, Romania’s capital, and Toronto, Canada’s financial center. The CDN response time at the new sites would be 7-30ms, according to Citrix’s analytics system.

The new CDN node in Bucharest would allow G-Core Labs’ clients to serve content to Romania’s 14 million consumers at lightning speed: the average response time would be 7 milliseconds.

G-Core Labs continues to prioritize Europe, with plans to expand its network capacity in the United Kingdom, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, and Serbia in the near future.

The other new CDN node launched by G-Core is located in Canada. “We’ve planned to spread our infrastructure to the North American continent in 2021 and have recently launched a point of presence in Toronto,” said Sam Davis, Vice President of Products at G-Core Labs. “We pay special attention to Canada because it has a population of 37 million people with 35 million users browsing the internet regularly. This makes up 94% of the country’s entire population. The Canadian media and entertainment market is developing rapidly, people practice online shopping and learn online, watch movies, live broadcasts, play videogames. In all these cases, it is vitally important to have a fast content delivery network allowing users to have high-capacity video content delivered to them in a milli-seconds.”


Photo Dmitry Samoshkin, Vice President of Products at G-Core Labs
“We’ve planned to spread our infrastructure to the North American continent in 2021 and have recently launched a point of presence in Toronto,” said said Dmitry Samoshkin (aka Sam Davis), Vice President of Products at G-Core Labs.

The G-Core Labs CDN supports all required protocols, including HTTP/2, SSL, and IPv6, and offers a variety of configuration options. API access, heavy content preloading, full or selective cache cleaning, changing cache settings, defining cache expiration time, cache delivery, inheriting caching parameters, disregarding query string parameters, and cookies are all examples.

G-Core Labs’ global CDN infrastructure spans five continents. It was developed by specialists in the field of high-load systems. Over 100 Points-of-Presence are placed in over 100 locations across the world, according to the company’s global architecture. G-Core Labs has more than 6,000 peering partners and a total network capacity of more than 50 terabits per second.

Headquartered in Luxembourg, G-Core Labs will continue to expand its CDN server capacity in Q3 and Q4 2021. The firm plans to expand its presence in Yemen, Uzbekistan, Iraq, Jordan, and Egypt in the near future, as well as improve its Latin American performance.

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