G-Core Labs’ Managed Kubernetes Service Now Available in 15 Global Cloud Regions

G-Core Labs

Now available in more than 15 regions worldwide, G-Core Labs’ Managed Kubernetes service enables clients to quickly access ready-to-use Kubernetes clusters and automate application scaling and deployment in its secured cloud environment.

G-Core Labs’ Managed Kubernetes is a new full-featured, highly secured PaaS solution recently being introduced. It would allow businesses to create Kubernetes clusters without having to worry about the control plane or containerized infrastructure.

“The operational benefits of Kubernetes have become increasingly apparent in the last few years, but the complexity of container orchestration across clouds and on-premises deployments can be overwhelming to many businesses who would benefit from its use,” said Seva Vayner, director of Edge Cloud Stream, G-Core Labs. “Platforms and services that provide easy on-ramps to Kubernetes for global enterprises are providing strong value in the market today.”

Reducing Container Complexity

Photo Seva Vayner, director of Edge Cloud Stream, G-Core Labs
“Platforms and services that provide easy on-ramps to Kubernetes for global enterprises are providing strong value in the market today,” said Seva Vayner, director of Edge Cloud Stream, G-Core Labs.

Container usage may improve the speed and quality of software development in several ways. However, when containerized systems extend across different public cloud providers and data center locations, the resultant complexity may obstruct the speed benefits that sparked the container adoption movement in the first place. G-Core Labs availability in over 15 cloud regions eliminates this complexity by managing the secured Kubernetes service for users.

Customers may use Managed Kubernetes to automate container management, scaling, and upgrading. It would make the creation, testing, and deployment of new application versions into G-Core Labs’ highly secure cloud faster and easier.

G-Core Labs clients can get access to a new Kubernetes cluster in minutes with one click via the dashboard or via APIs or Hashicorp Terraform. DDoS protection is also included with G-Core’s Managed Kubernetes offering, with all clients receiving protection at the network and transport levels by default, as well as a Web Application Firewall (WAF) for protection against assaults at the application level.

140+ Network PoPs

According to Cedexis, G-Core Labs runs its own global IT infrastructure over five continents, with one of the highest performing networks in Europe, North America, Asia, and LATAM. The company’s network has 140+ Points-of-Presence (PoPs) in over 130 locations throughout the world, with a total capacity of more than 110 Tbps. G-Core Labs’ cloud architecture would offer Zero Trust 360° security while meeting all GDPR, PCI DSS 3.2.1, and ISO 27001 regulations.

G-Core Labs also delivers DDoS and malicious bot security. It claims to be one of the first cloud providers to embrace the Intel Software Guard Extensions (Intel SGX) encryption standard at the IaaS level. The G-Core Labs IT infrastructure is powered by Intel Xeon Gen 3 processors.

G-Core Labs’ clients include the Government of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg (Agence eSanté), TEDx, Avast, TradingView, Nitrado, Albion Online, Wargaming holding (World of Tanks, World of Warships, World of Warplanes), RedFox Games, AWOK, Bandai Namco, and Joom.

“We are increasingly hearing from customers that they have deployed Kubernetes and are working on managing clusters,” added Seva Vayner. “Managed Kubernetes is designed to take the guesswork out of management and allow them to quickly and securely achieve the benefits of containers.”