G-Core Labs Opens Branch and Cloud Location in Frankfurt, Germany

Global content delivery network (CDN) and cloud provider, G-Core Labs, has launched its first cloud Point-of-Presence in Germany, in the city of Frankfurt am Main. Intel SGX integrated encryption technology embedded in the cloud service allows for the establishment of highly secure enclaves. The cloud also includes an artificial intelligence (AI) platform which supports full-cycle machine learning (ML) of any complexity.

It is G-Core Labs’ first cloud location in Germany and its 16th overall. At the network protocol level, the German servers are shielded from DDoS assaults, and they are housed in secured Tier III data centers. The cloud services are powered by Intel Xeon Scalable (Ice Lake) Gen 3 processors The cloud service quality is ensured by SLA 99.95% with financial guarantees.

The AI platform, which is part of the G-Core Labs Cloud, would make machine learning faster and less expensive. The service provides all necessary infrastructure, including software and frameworks, and supports full-cycle learning of any complexity. It also allows for continuous delivery of models and collaborative work on them, as well as a catalog of readily available templates and models. The platform combines Kafka, Storm, Spark, PySpark, PostgreSQL, MS SQL, Oracle, and MongoDB, as well as other current data collection and processing technologies. People recognition, document recognition, and object recognition are among the projects that would profit the most from employing this AI service.

Encrypted Cloud Regions

Photo Elena Simon, General Manager G-Core Labs Germany
“Our cloud is deeply integrated with our other products and services, including our international content delivery network, which encompasses all continents,” said Elena Simon, General Manager G-Core Labs Germany.

The Intel SGX encryption technology ensures further data security in the G-Core Labs cloud by creating highly secure enclaves within virtual machines. Even if the servers are hacked, no one, including the providers, can access these encrypted regions. This encryption technique is critical for businesses that deal with personal data and have stricter security standards, such as banking, healthcare, and retail.

“Our cloud is deeply integrated with our other products and services, including our international content delivery network, which encompasses all continents and was included in the Guinness Book of Records,” said Elena Simon, General Manager G-Core Labs Germany. “The G-Core Labs team has expertise in expansion of online businesses to complicated regions: Latin America, known for its strong DDoS attacks, as well as the countries that require specified legal expertise: China and Russia. We’ll be happy to share this knowledge with clients planning to expand their business.”

Apart from Frankfurt, G-Core Labs’ public clouds are also available in Luxembourg, Amsterdam, Moscow, Tokyo, Singapore, Manassas, and Santa Clara, among other places (USA). The firm is expanding its capabilities and plans to open over 20 new places of presence throughout the world.

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- Koen Stegeman, Editor-in-Chief and CEO