G2 Crowd Announces Its Research-based Top-4 Digital Trends in 2018

G2 CrowdBusiness software solution review platform, G2 Crowd, has released its newest series, Digital Trends in 2018. The series would highlight emerging trends for 2018 and how these are shaping different areas of business.

This year, G2 Crowd is tracking a list of the tech trends that are shaping these business areas. Four broad technology areas would serve as the current anchors or framework for the platform’s ongoing analysis of technology trends.

“There are at least four major business areas that are being modernized using the combination of technology and data,” said Michael Fauscette, chief research officer, G2 Crowd. “This is a rapid pace of transformation that is actively evolving business models, business strategy, workforce, customer interactions and business operations.”

Digital Platforms

2017 was paving the way for more decentralized networks, hybrid/digital business models and third-party partnerships within the enterprise states G2 Crowd. These shifts in digital platforms would primarily affect PaaS and IaaS technology, but will also impact sales, marketing, human resources and other business professionals by changing the way we interact within B2B relationships.

Included in the digital platforms trend are micro-services, containerization, serverless computing and digital ecosystems.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT is digitally transforming some of the most archaic industries, the success of which has previously relied on manual processes and tribal knowledge passed throughout the workforce over time. Manufacturing, agriculture, and shipping are all examples of industries that have evolved over time as new technologies have emerged, and IoT is currently leading the biggest leap in this evolution.

Included in the IoT trend are digital twins, edge computing, and mesh networks.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) continued to be a major driver of digital transformation last year, with the rapidly advancing technology affecting business strategy and operations, customer interactions and the workforce itself. While these are all general and broad impacts of AI, they will continue to be important for businesses trying to keep up with rapid technological advancements in 2018.

Included in the AI trend are open data and big data sharing, embedded AI and machine learning as a service (MLaaS).

Cyber Security

Cybersecurity technology is forced to adapt to better combat the evolving digital threat landscape. Artificial intelligence (AI) and automation will play a large role in aiding IT professionals and improving their ability to defend against cyber threats. Self-regulating defenses and continuous monitoring will increase security teams’ ability to identify and respond to threats.

Included under the cybersecurity trend are block-chain, risk-based authentication and intelligent security systems.

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