Gaining Business Value from IoT, Big Data, Cloud and Cloud Brokerage | Austin IT Symposium 2016

The Internet of Things (IoT) has the potential to drastically change the way products and services are developed, sold and consumed. The IoT is capturing the attention of executives who want to differentiate their offerings and value-add through connected solutions. Advances in technology including high-volume data storage, real-time analytics and cloud computing have led to explosive interest in IoT products and implementations. As multiple cloud-based technologies are coming together to enable IoT, the conversation about Multi-cloud management platforms is gaining importance. During this session, we’ll discuss about what’s coming up next in IoT, how big data and cloud infrastructure is accelerating the IoT projects and the role of a cloud broker.


Giovanna (Joanne) Moretti, Senior Vice President Marketing & Sales Enablement, Jabil
Chandra Salem, Chief Technologist & Senior Big Data Architect, Rackspace
Brent Brightwell, SVP Products & Strategy, DoubleHorn

Duration: 00:40:33
Publisher: Rackspace
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